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QRlight Detail

New Possibilities

The fast pace of new media is triggering the need for instant access and routing to the right information. Meanwhile there is noticeable increase in overstimulation caused by excessive signs and lights at eye level. The selection of the information you are looking for becomes a hassle. Standard routing systems purchased today will not be up to date in 5 years. Why not step outside tradition and consider new innovation that will not only be displayed in a new and effective way, but be sure to always carry the most current information? Let’s get better acquainted with QRlights.

QRlight is an in-ground information system that guarantees maximum attention in daylight situations through its contrasting 3D-surface design. At night time, when classic signs are not readable anymore, QRlight will bring great attention to passers through its illuminated QR-Code with backlight LED-modules.

Show modernity to urban and public spaces with QRlight. Communication with links to websites right at the spot makes civic communication with videos, pictures and texts lively and gives you the chance to update the content instantly without changing the public signage.

Technical Solutions

The longevity and durability of QRlight assures the accessibility to the information in streetscape and landscape situations. The solid-block-design gives no room for condensation or water invasion. The .15 in thick info relief layer withstands wear and is readable even with deep scratches.

Like all JoBe Lighting products, QRlight is not just a design feature, it has technical as well as financial advantages: Easy installation in new projects or renovation projects. It has low energy consumption of only 2w, is environmentally friendly, and has low operational costs.

Content is updated in seconds without any printing or production costs. Besides, the effectiveness of the QRlight becomes traceable with online click analysis. A great way of optimizing the special mobile content. Start communicating with passers and citizens in a new dimension.