Breakthrough Design

The completely insulated LED-illuminant is protected against most environmental issues like standing water with UL 1838 approval. This solid block design has no need for additional fittings or enclosures. That's why Beckstone has an affordable pricing and a much longer lifespan than other in-ground lighting systems. This cost advantage enables the realization of continuing light lines for wide-ranging orientation.

Installation - Beckstone is delivered ready to install so there is no additional fixture mounting. Beckstone paver lights do not need any special substructure, they are installed during the paving and jointing procedure like a regular paver or cobble. Costly substructure creation and installation of housings are completely omitted. Because of Beckstones compact design, light lines can be prepared regardless of the weather at the electricians’ site and laid out before paving. This guarantees a smooth project workflow without any disruption in the timeline.

Safe 12V-DC Technology assures low installation costs, since the cable can be run in the gravel, sand or concrete bedding right underneath the pavers. Our waterproof heat-shrinkable solder connector set is applied within 5 minutes, so the electrical connection effort is reduced to a minimum.

Energy - Highly efficient, most current LED-technology, limits the power consumption to 0.5w/Beckstone. Now you can run, e.g. a whole pathway installation of 80 Beckstones with the power of a single 40w incandescent bulb. Beckstone keeps the carbon foot-print small and cuts your energy budget.

Maintenance - The longevity of high-quality LED makes a frequent exchange of illuminants unnecessary. So there are no costs for Beckstone maintenance. This way Beckstone gives you a quick return on investment, because there are no hollow spaces with this solid block design. The costs of two exchange of illuminants of standard in-ground fixture usually breaks even with the total costs for the Beckstone procurement and installation.

Vandalism is an issue that causes trouble and maintenance costs for urban spaces. The solid block design of Beckstone offers a high grade of protection: Beckstone runs even with chipped off corners. That's why there is usually no need for a replacement.