Solid-Block-Design: No condensation!
Waterproof - without additional drainage
High-Performance LED-Technology
Protective edge: drive-over without a mortar joint
Solid-Block-Design: Protection against vandalism
Solid-Block-Design: No condensation!


Simplification and durability are the key design elements of Beckstone. This leads to technical and cost advantages:

The longevity of high-quality LED-quality makes it possible to create a solid block design with no exchange of illuminants. This way there is no housing needed. Our specialists have prioritized the long term savings due to no need for additional housing maintenance or upkeep. Beckstone’s completely air-pocket-free design has no issues with condensation that could cause corrosion on the delicate electronic parts.

Beckstone does not need additional installation procedures. It is paved with the surrounding interlocking pavers, grouted and compacted with a vibrating plate like the pavestones.
The safe 12V d.c. low voltage lighting technology makes it possible to run the cable in the bedding of the pavestone installation.

The solid design gives Beckstone a high protection against vandalism and theft. There are no screws any other gaps that could be opened. Even if there are some chippings on the surface or the side Beckstone keeps running with the completely casted LED-module. So there is usually no need for exchange of the luminaire.

The clear top-body has a bottom-body of polymer concrete. The edge of the wider bottom part protects Beckstone against the impacts from surrounding pavers. Beckstone can be driven over with up to 20 mph without a mortar joint.

Beckstones have built-in LED-drivers to compensate for voltage drop in long installation legs. Installations in one leg can be designed up to 100 yards. With this design the AC/DC power supply can be placed remotely in nearby streetlamp housings and junction boxes.