Drive Lanes | Walkways

Drive Lane and Walkway

Urban design can not always avoid intersections where pedestrians are confronted with heavy traffic. The high amount of traffic signs, billboards, and outdoor advertising distract traffic participants.
Accidents and personal damages are the consequence. Additional white markings usually can not prevent confusing traffic situations.
The unique light appearance of Beckstone can separate squares, walkways, bike and drive lanes in the intended order. The focus is on highlighting hazardous spots that have a high risk for accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists.

Beckstones are not a traffic light but with smart design optical barriers can be created that make traffic participants more aware of possible risks.
Residential areas with playing kids, old-people’s homes with visual handicapped people are some applications for Beckstone to increase the safety. The picture above shows one of the situations where visual barriers create a clear structure . The reasonable and simple installation is one of the major advantages of our product design. So the versatility of Beckstone is one of a kind.