Installing lights is always an intervention in townscape appearance in daylight. In most cases streetscape and landscape design is trying to avoid intrisic effects of the installed lighting fixtures. Beckstone opens the door for marking hazordous edges and applying long light lines in urban spaces, especially at historic sites, around monuments and in modern archticture,  without disturbing the overall design approach.

Beckstone's STYLE has an even surface texture like concrete pavers. The pearly surface is made to keep some dust of surrounding environment to blend in with the interlocking pavestone installation like a regular pavestone. Beckstone's NATURE surface texture is modeled like a natural stone and matches landscape designs with high-grade natural stone installations.

Beckstone works like a pavestone. Standard installation is done without a mortar joint or any metall fitting along paving the concrete pavers, patio plates or cobble stones, creating an even interlocking surface.

Beckstone HISTORIC is a color option for our small NATURE and STYLE models. Granite, basalt, porphyry and sand colored pavement and cobbles can be matched with Beckstone HISTORIC to have a uniform appearance in daylight at sensitive sites with cautious design needs.

Nevertheless Beckstone offers uncountable possibilities as an creative element in daylight, e.g. blue contrast in a grey patch of concrete pavement or a bright marking between basalt-grey cobbles. Beckstone supports all design needs and shows modernity, e.g. as marker light in parking lots.