Traffic Islands

Traffic Island

Applying authorities’ rules for traffic signage can not always avoid accidents. Traffic islands are especially subject to damage since they are not visible enough at night. High-beams are not allowed within city limits. So it is difficult to notice grey colored and non-lit traffic islands. Reflectors have been used to help the situation, but more and more they are run-over and through the rubbing tires the reflection decreases over time.

Usually safety delineators and additional traffic signage is added to traffic islands by authorities after the first accident already happened. Again, without steady maintenance the reflection will decrease over time and the issue is not fixed.

Beckstones are driven on 12 V dc. This system can be adapted very easily to most traffic island applications. Besides Beckstones blend perfectly during daylight and do not destroy the overall appearance of historic city centers or particular landscape designs in busy downtown areas.
A renovation with Beckstones of existing traffic islands can be done by adding an additional row of beveled pavers in a visible angle.