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Exits of train stations, airports and tradeshows leave people struggling with the next available transport option. Long search processes can be avoided by adding a row of 4 QRlight pavers with pictograms of the most relevant transport and information options for visitors and business travelers.

Sightseeing and event logos in the middle of each QR-Code tell immediately what information to expect by scanning each QR-Code. Links can be bookmarked and come in handy for the whole stay of townscape novices.

Hotel and restaurant logos communicate local accommodation and dining options directly to those interested rather than through confusing and ad-related internet search results. This is an opportunity to create awareness of local gems for bed& breakfast and food beyond the common internet platforms.

Besides the touristic value of the QRlight there could be another application model for QRlight. E.g., giving local shops a new media channel to advertise and promote their products and services with a fee based model. This model gives cities a quick return on investment.