Excessive signage, bill boards and glaring luminaires cause overstimulation in streetscape. All these stimuli are at eye level. On one hand these stimuli catch the attention of drivers and pedestrians on the other hand they distract them from hazardous edges and curbs that have no contrast at night time. Painted traffic lines and structures, visible in daylight, disappear in the darkness. At the same the eye is distracted from glare of all these stimuli and the pupil narrows. The poor visibility of floor and streetscape structures is reinforced with those two effects. Typically any attempt to improve these effects with more surface illumination does not work, since the shades of grey in streetscape design do not get a better contrast.
A continuous dotted lines of lights of in-ground lights remedy hazardous edges and obstacles in streetscape and pavement design. Continuous lined lights are expensive and susceptible, more over the metal housings disturb the overall design, especially at historic sites.

The unique solid block design of Beckstone has a favorable pricing and installation is as easy as paving. Low operational costs of LED-technology enables long continued dotted light lines that lead to a comfortable sense of space for pedestrians and drivers at night time. Dotted lines of light along the curb of bus stops and other high-traffic areas protect inattentive pedestrians and especially visually impaired people against tripping and falling. Beckstone is designed as a marker light with a uniform lit surface that is absolutely glare-free.
Obstacles equipped with Beckstones, like traffic islands, become visible in their full width and length, even from a long distance.

In shared public spaces Beckstone operates like visual barrier between, drive lanes, walkways and bicycle lanes in streetscapes and landscape designs.

Routing visitors in public spaces is another application of Beckstone paver lights. Connections between parking lots and event venues are clearly marked and guide people securely from A to B. Color variations can focus on the guiding and barrier function of Beckstone, especially in high-traffic and transfer situations, where drive lanes and crossings need to be clearly visible. We offer individual support for your project ideas.


Guiding effect for visually impaired people

Especially in crossings through parks and urban landscape designs Beckstone offers a wide-ranging overview with a continuous dotted line of paver lights. The glare-free design keeps the pupil of passers open, so they are able to recognize the ground and streetscape structure at night time. Plants and trees grow over time and cause shading effects of the pole mounted lights, so the pathways become unrecognizable. Beckstone contributes light and contrast for secure pathway markings.