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QRlight Haltestelle

Bus Stops and Transit Stations

Looking at the possibilities of nowadays technology, printed bus schedules at train stations and transit stations are out of date and most of them are unlit or destroyed. QR-Codes offer an up-to-date information with no typing or search time on the smartphone wasted. It’s a comfortable way of communication for passengers and easy to update as well.

Now bus schedules are easy to read and commuters can bookmark them in their smartphones. Connections to nearby traffic authorities can be made with one click and relevant travel warnings can be targeted locally.

Real time traffic information is state of the art for mobile natives. QRlight offers a simple way of adding the information needed at the time and place where it needs to be.
Visually impaired people enjoy this enhanced barrier-free experience: Located at the same spot at each bus stop, reliable information supports the quality of public transport.